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Sure, you see it all the time...a book for women on how to take as much as they can from an ex in court. Have you ever read a book for both men and woman that can help in any civil matter brought before a judge though?

Do you have a child, brother, father, boyfriend, spouse, or friend who is frustrated with the cost of hiring an attorney to take their ex to court, just to get issues resolved? If you or someone you know thinks that hiring an attorney is the only way then read on:

Today, more and more courts are realizing that the economy is not attorney-friendly for most of Americans. With a spiraling downwind effect on most people's financial situations and the high price of living that has went through the roof, who can afford to hire an attorney every time their ex wants to drag them into court? The answer to that question is that most people would not want to spend a dime on anything having to do with an ex, much less be able to afford such a luxury.

What if there are two different fathers to contend with? That's two different cases for an attorney to charge you for.

Unrepresented, can help. Read a book that can help you save thousands in attorney fees, or pay an attorney to do what you can do for yourself....

This book contains characters who walk the reader step-by-step from the first thought of going to court to putting the files away until next time. If you have children and an ex you will be in court again. So how about a book that pays for itself over and over for generations to come?

Did you know that even if you already have an attorney working for you you can dismiss them and stop running that bill up further? There is a chapter in Unrepresented, that can walk you through this process.

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