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So you are down on your luck...the wife says she's divorcing you and taking the kids. You know this means money, money, money. Money will be needed for a lawyer, a divorce, and possibly child support, and that doesn't even include the money you will need to reestablish your residency! 
    Try doing the court thing by yourself. In some states there is such a thing as divorce for the indigent, or to put it bluntly...the poor. Don't be ashamed to take the help when you really need it. Go into the courthouse in the state you were married and see if there is such a thing as financial assistance to help cover the cost of the divorce, or wait it out and let the ex take care of that expense. Many times though, when an ex files through an attorney that attorney will ask that the courts make the other spouse either pay half or all of the divorce at the final dissolution of marriage hearing. During the arguement portion of the initial hearings is when you can ask the courts to consider your financial situation of needing to start all over.

    Even if your ex takes an attorney in for a divorce you do not need to, nor do you need to agree to everything their attorney suggests. You may argue for yourself, for YOUR best interest.

For more information and more in depth step by step instructions get Unrepresented How to Take Your Ex to Court Without Representation.


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